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We are an albert road guesthouse in the heart of blackpool town centre. We do not profess to be the Best Cheap accommodation Blackpool guesthouse but we try. We offer cheap blackpool guesthouse Monday to Friday £60 wow! (special offer) for booking information visit home page click here

We do not take large groups (Male/Female) 4 to 6 only in party sorry Couples/Families/Ladies/Gentlemen always welcome.

Special Accommodation offers (Breakfast optional extra)

Accommodation 2 Adults 2 Children under 10 years 1 week =£330 wow! or

2 Adults 1 Child under 10 years 1 week =£275.

Deposit required to hold rooms in blackpool (first day stay)

(equivalent to first day stay)

 telephone 01253 621300 not in England then ring 44 1253 621300

email us:

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contact us for a great deal on your bed and breakfast in blackpool